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Jason Allen 05/01/23

BBC Earth Experience

The BBC Earth Experience | Vast 360 Degree Screens Filled With Nature 

If you head to Earl’s Court this spring, you’ll get to witness the sheer majesty of one of our planet’s most precious resources: David Attenborough.

He’ll be providing his velvety, highly informed, and hypnotically engaging voice to the upcoming BBC Earth Experience, which is an extremely ambitious affair to say the least: it’s all housed in a new, massive, purpose-built venue in West London into which they’ve stuffed some vast, 360-degree, multi-angle digital screens for you to submerge yourself into the natural world while Mr Attenborough’s voice delights your ear canals.

BBC Earth Experience

The experience itself is based on Seven Worlds, One Planet, which was the Beeb’s most-watched factual TV show of 2019. That means you’ll get to see the full spectrum of life on earth across all the continents (the show apparently had 92 shoots across 41 countries) meaning you can lose yourself in a forest full of fireflies, discover a colourful carpet of starfish and find yourself witness to a four-tonne elephant seal fight all in the same few minutes.

All told, the show takes about an hour to soak up, though there are two smaller rooms too if you want to stick around, including an aquatic zone with interactive screens to play around with fish, and a creepy crawly zone with a Big Red Button to push if you want to see some super-gross bugs eating each-other. And up top, there’s a small balcony from which you can see wide open vistas and sweepig landscapes as if you’re flying.

BBC earth

There’s no food & drink in the experience itself but, being in Earl’s Court, there are a few decent places for a drink & a bite nearby, including prohibition style cocktails from Evans & Peel Detective Agency, Michelin Starred pub food from The Harwood Arms, and one of the city’s most amazing beer gardens at The Prince.

Only fitting to visit after you’ve just been in the presence of television royalty.


NOTE: The BBC Earth Experience runs until January 2024. You can find out more, and get tickets (£28.50+) from the website right here.

The BBC Earth Experience | The Daikin Centre, Earl’s Court, Empress Place, SW6 1TW

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BBC Earth Experience

The Daikin Centre, Empress Place, Earl's Court, West London, SW6 1TW