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Jason Allen 20/06/23

TATA Eatery x The Sea, The Sea Hackney

TĀTĀ Eatery x The Sea, The Sea Hackney | an excellent seafood heavy popup in East London

After the world said a somber ta-ta to TĀTĀ Eatery, we’ve been patiently awaiting its return.

And now, the feted moment is almost upon us.

The vaunted duo behind the culinary concept will be taking over the kitchen every Monday to Wednesday at The Sea, The Sea Hackney for a month over the summer (between 10th July – 2nd August), and serving up a seafood-heavy, two hour long tasting menu experience.

On the off chance that you didn’t get a chance to head down to one of the many popups & residencies they’ve put on over the years, TĀTĀ is the work of Ana Gonçalves and Zijun Meng, who bring a unique kind of Asian/Mediterranean fusion to their dishes by combining their respective Iberian and Chinese heritages. Thus, they have birthed such greats as their famed katsu sando, which has basically become a social media cheat code for its insane Like-ability. And the bar they ran the kitchen for, Tayer + Elementary, is currently No.2 on the 50 Best Bars list. No biggie.

They’ll be taking over the space at The Sea, The Sea Hackney. And as spaces go, it really is quite something to behold. It’s all centred around a circular bar that looks like a kind of steampunk-alien-spaceship-conference table thing. Surrounding it are backlit tanks filled with live fish & crustaceans, jars of pickles & ferments, and a gleaming kitchen area. Precisely what they’ll be cooking up in that kitchen is currently a mystery, though apparently it’ll be “inspired by Meng’s journey through Buddhist practices”. So… inner peas, perhaps?

They’re also going to be joined by regular collaborators every Monday, adding a third coltishly popular ingredient to this mashup – expect menus fro pastry maestro Callum Franklin, grower Jan Ostle, and Niall Davidson, who cooks everything over an open fire.

He’s a bright spark.


NOTE: TĀTĀ Eatery at The Sea, The Sea Hackney runs every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday between 10th July – 2nd August 2023. Reservations are available right now, right here.

The Sea, The Sea, Hackney | 337 Acton Mews, E8 4EA

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TATA Eatery x The Sea, The Sea Hackney

The Sea, The Sea Hackney, 337 Acton Mews, Hackney, East London, E8 4EA