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There are a lot of very good restaurants in Spitalfields. When you want to dine from nose to tail, head to St John Bread & Wine. When you need to recover from the meat sweats, go to Bubala. But if it’s a midweek lunch, and a cold pasta pot just won’t cut it…

…it’s Crunch time.

This sandwich stall has been drawing crowds since opening in Spitalfields Market in 2023. Founded by three friends, the idea was formed – like so many are – outside a nightclub. However unlike many business propositions dreamt up at 3am, this one actually came to something, launching first as a pop-up at a pub in Old Street before setting up more permanently here in the market.

crunch sandwich

JW Howard

So what earns Crunch a place in the illustrious pantheon of London’s best sandwiches? It’s all down to the golden brioche, which is toasted to give that signature crunch. Everything in between is the domain of chef Joni Francisco (who worked under Alex Gauthier in Soho and Nuno Mendes at The Chiltern Firehouse).

There are usually four options on the menu here, including numbers like the the Patty Melt (which takes Angus beef patties, injects them with truffle, then slathers more truffle mayonnaise all over the top); Donald’s Duck (that’s slow-cooked Gressingham duck leg with salad, crispy onions and smoked apple sauce); and the veggie-friendly Umami Shroomwich (a Japanese-style combination of fried oyster mushrooms, miso marinated vegetables, nori seaweed and shichimi togarashi mayo).

crunch desserts

JW Howard

Aside from the sandwiches, they also serve sides (like bashed cucumber salad and deep-fried ‘thousand-layer’ potato with Bloody Mary ketchup) and desserts (including their bestselling ‘chocolate bomb’ – choux pastry filled with ganache – and their Black Forest Tiramisu).

Better book a meeting room for a siesta later.


NOTE: Crunch is open in Spitalfields Market daily from 11.30am-8pm (5pm Sundays). You can find out more HERE.

Crunch | Old Spitalfields Market, 16 Horner Square, London E1 6EW

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Old Spitalfields Market, 16 Horner Square, Spitalfields, E1 6EW

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