Crazy Golf In London | 19 Great Courses

Crazy golf in London.

Sometimes it can feel like swings on roundabouts.

And to make sure that you’re not stuck in the rough searching for a place to play, we’ve kindly compiled the most comprehensive list of every location in London that you can swing a putter at – from bucolic mini golf to high tech putting fairgrounds, we’ve got you covered. But not only that… we’ve also ranked them in our order of preference, culminating with the very best.

When it comes to crazy golf… these places have it down to a tee.

#21 Greenwich Peninsula Minigolf | Greenwich Peninsula

free minigolf

What Greenwich’s pop-up minigolf course lacks in traps, ramps and loop-the-loops, it more than makes up with in design. Hyper-colourful artist Yinka Ilori has applied his trademark flair to the six-hole course; while Camille Walala has brightened up a couple of ping pong tables nearby. And the best part? They’re both totally free to play.

Address Greenwich Peninsula | Courses 1 x 6 hole | Difficulty Easy | Price Free | Opening Hours12-6pm every weekend until 18th September

#20 Canary Wharf Minigolf | Canary Wharf

Turns out, technicoloured, artist-designed, free pop-up minigolf courses are like buses. And you can find another edition springing up on Canary Wharf’s Montgomery Square for the summer, this time designed by Craig Redman & Karl Maier.

Address Montgomery Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 | Courses 1 x 9 hole | Difficulty Easy | Price Free | Opening Hours Daily, 12-6pm (except in bad weather)

#19 Broomfield Adventure Golf | Palmers Green

Broomfield Crazy Golf London

It’s not glamorous, it’s not cool, but like your grandad at Christmas, it deserves respect. Because without him, and without these old courses, we’d never have reached the dizzying heights of Swingers and Junkyard Golf Club. Like playing snake on a Nokia 3310, there’s something pure and fine about navigating your ball past simple coloured blocks or up gentle slopes of knackered astroturf, and if you can master these courses, then the inner city whizzkids will feel like a breeze. Not to mention that with 18 holes for under a fiver, it makes the perfect place to come and hone your skills.

Address Aldermans Hill, N13 4RB | Courses 1 x 18 hole | Difficulty Easy | Price Adult £4.50, Child £3.50 | Opening Hours Sat-Sun & school holidays, 11am-5pm

#18 Mr Mulligan’s Dino Golf | Sidcup

Mr Mulligans Crazy Golf London

Truth be told, Mr Mulligan would need to offer not one, but two, sprawling 18 hole miniature golf courses for your delectation in order to justify the journey all the way out to Sidcup. Well, luckily that’s exactly what he does – and you’ll be hard pushed to find more crazy golf in one place (within the M25) than this behemoth. It’s dino designed, which as a theme feels just as ancient but it’s executed well with waterfalls, lakes, and rope bridges spanning multiple levels.

Address A20 Sidcup Bypass, Chislehurst, Bromley, BR7 6RP | Courses 2 x 18 hole courses | Difficulty Medium | Price Adult £10/13.75 for both, Child £7/10 – book in advance online | Opening Hours Daily 10am-10pm

#17 Lost Jungle London | Edgware

Lost Jungle - crazy golf London

The one place that does give ol’ Mulligan a run for his money is Lost Jungle London. An enormous, overgrown, Indiana Jones-style course is as difficult to navigate through as it is to putt on. The place boasts hidden tombs, crashing waterfalls, and critters hiding in the tall grass, and the whopping full-length 36 hole course is truly a sight to behold.

Address Lost Jungle London, Adventure Golf, Watford By-Pass, Edgware, HA8 8DD | Courses 18 or 36 hole | Difficulty Medium | Price Adult £10-15, Child £8.50-12.50 | Opening Hours Daily, hours change seasonally

#16 Putt in the Park | Acton

Putt in the Park Acton - crazy golf London

This ambling landscaped collection of holes would leave even Titchmarsh green with envy. Rockeries, water features, and shrubberies contour this minigolf course; all overlooked by the fully licensed clubhouse complete with wood fire pizza oven – so you can enjoy a good old wedge of Neapolitan nosh once you’ve finished teeing off.

Address Acton Park, East Churchfield Road, W3 7LL | Courses 1 x 12 hole | Difficulty Easy | Price Adult £10, Child £8 | Opening Hours Daily 9am-5.30pm

#15 Putt in the Park | Wandsworth

Putt In The Park Wandsworth - crazy golf London

A more traditional putting experience without a laughing clown, animatronic dinosaur, or rotating big wheel in sight. Proper greens and gentle curves allow the discerning golfer the opportunity to hone their skills and soak up the sun. It’s a back to basics experience, delightfully executed, swinging participants back to a time before litter was lit and putting was popular.

Address Wandsworth Park, Putney Bridge Road, SW18 1PP | Courses 1 x 12 hole | Difficulty Easy | Price Adult £10, Child £8 | Opening Hours Daily 9am-5.30pm

#14 Putt in the Park | Battersea

Putt In The Park Battersea - crazy golf London

Another authentic putting green, just up the road in Battersea, gives you the chance to watch high flying adventurers weaving their way through the trees whilst you weave your balls through the slopes and slides on the ground. A thoroughly picturesque experience, this is another course for the gentle golfer who prefers treetops to topknots.

Address Battersea Park, Albert Bridge Road, SW11 4NJ | Courses 1 x 12 hole | Difficulty Easy | Price Adult £10, Child £8 | Opening Hours Mon-Thurs 9am-5:30pm, Fri-Sat 9am-7.30pm, Sun 9am-6.45pm

#13 Jurassic Falls Adventure Golf | Walthamstow

Jurassic Falls - crazy golf London

Terrible lizards lie hiding around every turn… but enough about the staff. Jurassic Falls contains an impressive number of hidden dinosaurs all over their jungle inspired course. You’d be forgiven for thinking their roars were that of exuberant golfers, but these models actually growl and groan as you golf your way through their home. It’s almost like Jurassic Park, just with your nan in place of Jeff Goldblum.

Address A406 Southend Road, Chingford, E4 8TA | Courses 1 x 18 hole | Difficulty Medium | Price £20 for two adults, Adult & child £7.50 | Opening Hours Open daily

#12 Crazy Putt | Greenwich

Crazy Putt - crazy golf London

Crazy Putt is a real blend of the bizarre, with the golf holes at their various venues taking inspiration from courses around the world. With holes from The Belfry to St Andrews, expect golfing heritage – in the form of good quality greens – to have a head on collision with pirates, dinosaurs and giant whales; the perfect place for a golfer to regress back to childhood. The 18 hole course is also connected to a full driving range and a sophisticated clubhouse serving up sustenance all day long.

Address Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range, Tunnel Avenue, Greenwich Peninsula, SE10 0QE | Courses 1 x 18 hole | Difficulty Easy | Price Adult £12/£10 (off peak), Child £7 | Opening Hours Mon-Sun 9am-9pm

#11 Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf | New Malden

Jurassic Encounter crazy golf London

T-Rexes aren’t built for golf. Perhaps that’s why they look so angry adorning the slopes, bends, and twists of Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf out in New Malden. Travelling back in time might feel easier than getting there, but the 18 hole course – packed with waterfalls, caves and herds of prehistoric beasts – will make your voyage more than worthwhile.

Address World of Golf, Beverley Way, New Malden, KT3 4PH | Courses 1 x 18 hole | Difficulty Medium | Price Adults £11, Children £9 | Opening Hours Daily 7am-9pm

#10 Plonk! | London Fields

Plonk outdoor crazy golf

Housed in the back yard of a railway arch overlooking London Fields, Plonk! have taken the “miniature” aspect of minigolf very literally here by squeezing their nine holes into a dinky space – and increasing the fiendishness across the board. Your skills will certainly be put to the test, and once you’re done, the arch itself is also filled with board games, arcade machines, and a tiki bar.

Address Arch 407 Mentmore Terrace, London E8 3PP | Courses 1 x 9 hole | Difficulty Hard | Price From £5 – bottomless brunch & cocktail deals available | Opening Hours Tues-Fri 3-11pm, Sat 12-11pm, Sun 12-10pm

#9 Plonk! Horniman Museum | Forest Hill

Plonk Horniman - crazy golf London

A more family-focussed experience is on offer in the gardens of the historic Horniman Museum. The design is pared back but also paired with a number of anthropological allsorts, which reflect the museum’s collection. It’s a simple affair, but ideal for a Sunday afternoon and after some light training you can while away the hours in the free Museum – which includes galleries, an aquarium, butterflies, and a petting zoo – and take a picnic with a view over the city.

Address 100 London Road, SE23 3PQ | Courses 1 x 9 hole | Difficulty Easy | Price £5 | Opening Hours Weekends 10am-5pm

#8 Plonk! | Camden

Plonk’s original standalone venture sits inside Camden’s Stables Market and, much like the surrounding area, is a kaleidoscopic explosion of chintz and colour. UV, camouflage, and models that conjure memories of school science projects dominate this compact and tricksy course, which was given a full reboot during the second lockdown.

Address Camden Market, Stables Market, Unit 63, NW1 8AH | Courses 1 x 9 hole | Difficulty Medium – Hard | Price Adults £13.20/9.90 (off-peak), Child £5.50 | Opening Hours Tues-Sat 12-10.30pm, Sun-Mon 12-7pm

#7 Plonk! | London Bridge

Plonk’s newest course is set within the ‘vaults’ of Borough Market, where you’ll find their signature fluoro-daubed loop-the-loops, ramps and pipes, plus their ‘biggest golfstacles’ yet, alongside some new experimental ideas they’ve not tried before. Plus, it’s quite literally surrounded by some of the best bars and restaurants in London

Address Arches B, C, D & E Montague Close, London, SE1 9DA | Courses 1 x 9 hole | Difficulty Hard | Price Adult £12/9 (off-peak), Child £5 | Opening Hours Tues-Sat 12-10.30pm, Sun-Mon 12-7pm

#6 Birdies @ SFG Club | Stratford

roof east stratford

This topsy turvy circus-themed course will prove a challenge for even the most composed crazy golfer. Death defying leaps (for the balls at least), giant juggling clubs, and a human cannonball are some of the obstacles that stand in the way of your ball and glory. And all of this housed within a rooftop summer garden with lawn bowls, batting cages, and a whole host of watering holes.

Address Car Park Level 8, Roof East, Great Eastern Way, E15 1XE | Courses 1 x 9 hole | Difficulty Hard | Price £9.50 | Opening Hours Mon-Fri 5pm-11pm, Weekends 12pm-11pm

#5 Puttshack | White City & Bank

Puttshack - crazy golf London

Puttshack. It’s a little putting place where we can get together…and play crazy golf. Brought to you from the team behind Flight Club, Bounce, and All Star Lanes these distinctly crazy courses bring their signature blend of technological flair and fairground bling to the great game of miniature golf. There’s automatic point scoring, live leaderboards, golf/trivia hybrids, and a healthy dose of arcade game/crazy golf mashups. Quite simply, it’s a sporting experience like never before.

Address Westfield, Ariel Way, W12 7HB | 1 Poultry, Queen Victoria Street London EC2R 8EJ | Courses 4 x 9 hole | Difficulty Medium – Hard | Price Adult £9+/£13.50+ (Bank), U12 £7.50/8 | Opening Hours White City open Mon-Tues 10am-11pm, Wed-Thurs 12-9pm, Fri 12-11pm, Sat 10am-11pm, Sun 10am-9pm | Bank open Mon-Wed 11am-11pm, Thurs 11am-12am, Fri-Sat 11am-1am, Sun 11am-10pm

#4 Birdies | Battersea

Birdies Battersea

Tucked away under one of the railway arches in the new Battersea Power Station development is Birdies numéro deux – a mind-bending 9-hole crazy golf course, with cocktails and street food on-site. The course has been designed to totally derail your senses, with a mix of pressure pads; rapid lighting; overhead ramps; and a never-ending black tunnel. The street food comes courtesy of Taco-Yaki who –  drawing from both Asian and Latin-American influences – offer up everything from tacos to katsu sando sandwiches. Meanwhile, the cocktail list moves from a boozy chocolate fountain to a ‘choose-your-own-ingredients’ waterslide. Which, as you can imagine, proves one hell of a slippery slope.

Address: 6 Arches Lane, Nine Elms, London, SW8 4NR | Courses: 1 x 9 hole course | Difficulty: Medium – Hard | Price:£12 – bottomless brunch (£40) and drinks/food deals available | Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 3-11pm, Fri 3pm-12am, Sat 12pm-12am, Sun 12-10pm

#3 Junkyard Golf Club | Shoreditch

As Dolly once said, “it costs a lot of money to look this cheap” – and Junkyard Golf Club has invested heavily in their rubbish dump decor. The reclaimed set pieces involve burnt out Reliant Robins, disused speed boats, and even scrapheap slides (that you go down with your ball). There are four different nine-hole courses that sprawl across this urban wasteland, each with its own theme, and plenty of refreshments that, thankfully, haven’t been sourced from the dump.  

Address 88 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2BE | Courses 4 x 9 hole course | Difficulty Medium – Hard | Price £13/11 (off peak) | Opening Hours Mon-Wed 4pm-12am, Thurs 2pm-12am, Fri-Sat 12pm-12.30am, Sun 12pm-10pm

#2 Swingers | Liverpool Street

Swingers London activity bars

Bringing home a very respectable birdie and only losing out to themselves is the original indoor home to crazy golf in London – Swingers City; a gorgeous venue which takes you out of the metropole and plonks you right in the heart of 1920s rural Blighty. You can expect to golf your way through the rustic tumbledown landscape of an English country garden with two individual nine hole courses  – one centred on a windmill and the other a lighthouse. The five bars are plentiful, and with street food from Patty & Bun, Pizza PilgrimsBreddos Tacos and Crosstown doughnuts, you’ll still be able to enjoy the accoutrements of the town on your sojourn to the country.

Address 8 Brown’s Buildings, EC3A 8AL | Courses 2 x 9 holes | Difficulty Medium | Price £13.50/£11 (off peak) | Opening Hours Weds-Thurs 12pm-12am, Fri 12pm-1am, Sat 10:30am-1am, Sun 12-11pm (closed Mon/Tues)

#1 Swingers West End | Oxford Street

Swingers crazy golf in London

Pride of place in the glittering scene of crazy golf in London, chalking up a stunning hole-in-one, is Swingers: West End. It’s the martini of miniature golf; a cultured soirée of trellised gazebos, rose-lined hedges, and white picket fencing. The glamour of an Edwardian English seaside abounds and best of all, it never rains. It’s strictly an adult affair, but there are no keys in the bowl here, just balls in holes – if you’re lucky. When it comes to food and drink, the seaside theme is wisely dropped; so no soggy fish and chips. Instead you’ll get four separate bars and street servings from Patty & Bun, Slice by Pizza Pilgrims, Breddos Tacos and Crosstown.

Address 15 John Prince’s Street, W1G 0AB | Courses 2 x 9 holes | Difficulty Hard | Price £13.50/£11 (off peak) | Opening Hours Weds-Thurs 12pm-12am, Fri 12pm-1am, Sat 10:30am-1am, Sun 12-11pm (closed Mon/Tues)


Last Updated: 5th January 2022 | Main image: Swingers City

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