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London’s Best Vegan Street Food

Vegan street food.

You’d be forgiven for thinking there weren’t any steaks.

But these days it’s an increasingly dog-eat-dog competitive market, fuelled by a bevy of vegan and non-vegan traders alike. So we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a little bucket list of the greatest vendors and London’s best vegan street food dishes, from dairy-free doughnuts to Eritrean tacos.

They’re a thing.

And they’re great.

Voodoo Ray’s | For Pizza

Voodoo Ray's - best vegan street food

All hail the Queen Vegan pizza, sporting a tomato base topped with artichoke hearts, green olives, sunblush tomatoes and a drizzle of pesto. Turns out cheese has totally been freeloading off these toppings.

Details: Open daily with branches in Dalston, Shoreditch and Peckham

Club Mexicana | For Mexican

Club Mexicana - best vegan street food London

Welcome to Club Mexicana, where the dishes are (animal product) free. Their vegan takes on tacos and burritos replace baja fish with battered tofu, and pulled pork with fleshy barbecued jackfruit, to create some of the most filling of fillings.

DetailsServing at Dinerama (Wed-Sat evenings), Netil Market (weekends 11am-6pm) and Hackney’s Spread Eagle Pub

V Burger | For Burgers

V Burger - best vegan street food London

V Burger make burgers. And they’re v good. The Up-Beet comprises a slow-roasted British beetroot and quinoa patty served with smoked tomato relish, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, sliced red onion, topped with a garlic and chive aioli; while the Seitan schnitzel comes breaded and deep-fried and slathered with chipotle mayo.

Details: Open daily from 11am till late in Camden Market

Ruby’s of London | For Cake

Ruby's of London - best vegan street food London

You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs… Unless you’re Ruby, that is, who whips up all manner of delicious cakes, doughnuts, and brownies without using a single animal product.

Details: Weekends at Greenwich Market

Lemlem Kitchen | For Something New

Lemlem Kitchen - best tacos in London

Eritrean street food traders Lemlem Kitchen have created a little heap of genius: the Afro-taco. Instead of using maize dough like traditional tacos, they cook up gluten-free injera, a spongy, crumpet-like pancake that’s used to serve several typical Eritrean dishes. Here, they play host to garlicky stewed red lentils topped with a red cabbage and ginger slaw.

Details: Saturdays and selected Sundays at Netil Market

Lazy Boy Kitchen | For Pasta

Lazy Boy Kitchen - best vegan street food London

Mac and cheeze in a box. Mac and cheeze in croquettes. Mac and cheeze in SPRING ROLLS.

Details: Appearing across London, check instagram for details

Young Vegans | For Pie and Mash

Young Vegans - best vegan street food London

Think of your favourite meals, and Young Vegans will probably have put it into pie form. You want a steak and ale-style number made with meat substitute? You got it. Fancy a whole curry inside your pie? No problemo. Like full English (vegan) breakfasts, but can’t help feeling they would taste better inside a pie? So do they.

Details: 11am-9pm daily, Camden Market

Temple of Seitan | For Fry-Days

Temple of Seitan - best vegan street food London

Fans of this fried seitan (‘wheat meat’) pitstop queue up religiously on weekends. You’ll find all manner of fried goods there, as well as specials like these fake bacon-wrapped chip cones.

Details: Open daily 11am-9pm (6pm Sunday), Camden: 103a Camley Street, N1C 4PF | Open daily 12-9pm (6pm Sunday), Hackney: 10 Morning Lane, E9 6NA

Sticky Bundits | For Asian Fusion

Sticky Bundits - best vegan street food

The Tofu bun at Sticky Bundits is gluten free, animal product free aaand dairy free. It’s made with sticky rice “buns” studded with sesame, between which you’ll find nestled tamarind-glazed tofu, an Asian basil chutney and crunchy peanuts.

Details: Check their instagram page for upcoming dates

Biff’s Jack Shack | For Guilt-Free Junk Food

Biff's Jack Stack

Turns out vegan street food can also be junk food, as proved by Biff’s jackfruit wings, fillets and burgers accessorised with boozy BBQ sauce, chipotle slaw, and smoke-infused vegan bacun jam.

Details: KERB King’s Cross, BOXPARK Shoreditch

Cookies + Scream | For Complete and Utter Decadence

Cookies and Scream - best vegan street food

This bakery takes out the cream, and replaces it with scream, as in “holy substitute cow, this is the most delicious baked good I have ever eaten.”

Details: 130 Holloway Road, N7 8JE


Main image: V Burger

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