Fallow | A 4-Month Sustainable Restaurant Residency in Mayfair

10 Heddon Street Is About To Turn Fallow


Fallow | Sustainable Pop Up in Mayfair

A ‘sustainable pop up’ may sound like something of an oxymoron.

But let us assure you, it’s actually quite disgustingly tasty.

This is Fallow, and it’s coming to the rotating pop up space at 10 Heddon Street in March. The first two residencies to come out of 10 Heddon Street have been, well, 10 out of 10: Manteca went permanent in Soho and became one of the best openings of last year, while Pacific is currently knocking the socks off critics & customers alike with its sushi.

So the expectations for Fallow are relatively high.

Luckily, the two chefs behind it: Jack Croft & Will Murray (who met while manning stoves at Dinner by Heston) are both pretty absurdly talented. They’ve already shown the world what they can do in a couple of pop ups at both Carousel and Crispin in Spitalfields.

The watchword of their entire brand is simple: sustainability. And the plan at Heddon Street is to create a weekly changing menu of ‘root to stem’ and ‘nose to tail’ dishes, with at least 50% of each menu being plant-based. And there’ll be a particular emphasis on using the parts that other restaurants would normally throw out, such as chicken scratchings, veal tail and goat ribs.

Thus, you can expect an opening menu with the likes of leeks with hen of the wood & parmesan; some ex-​dairy cow beef with smoked beetroot & ox tongue trencher; and Yorkshire rhubarb with white chocolate & yoghurt. You’ll be able to wash it all down with some biodynamic wines and creative cocktails.

And if it’s anywhere near as good as its predecessors, we’ve got a very good tradition on our hands.


NOTE: Fallow will run from March 10th until July, at 10 Heddon Street. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more their website right HERE.

Fallow | 10 Heddon Street, W1B 4BX

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10 Heddon Street, Mayfair, W1B 4BX


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