Neil Frame 07/01/22


Archipelago | A Truly Eccentric Restaurant in Fitzrovia

30 minutes on a treadmill can feel like a day, but 30 minutes doing what you love will always feel like a minute.

And so it is, from time to time, that you can enter a place where time disappears.

Spend an hour there, and it’ll feel like five minutes.

Archipelago restaurant is one of those places: on entering it generously – and instantly – removes the outside world for you.

Archipelago restaurant

It feels very different, very foreign, inside: a moodily-lit, exotic and mysterious place full of odd plants, artwork and paraphenalia from around the world.

The menu makes it no easier to help you remember that you’re still, in fact, in London: crocodile or wildebeest for main, with garlic crickets on the side and scorpion for dessert.

All things considered, very probably the most unusual restaurant in London.



NOTE: Archipelago is open everyday, except Sunday. You can find out more, and book a table, right HERE.

Archipelago | 53 Cleveland Street, W1T 4JJ

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53 Cleveland Street, Fitzrovia, Central London, W1T 4JJ

0207 637 9611

7.5 | Good