Black Roe | Impressively Chic Hawaiian Dining In Mayfair

Black Roe

Black Roe

Black Roe Poke Bar & Grill | Mayfair Restaurant

From the team behind beautiful Peruvian-Japanese lovechild Chotto Matte, Black Roe doesn’t bother to span the Pacific, but instead lands smack in the middle of it: Hawaii.

All soft, moody greys with plenty of wood and leather inside, the place is so impressively chic you won’t be able to stop a slightly inadvertent well, aloha… from escaping your lips when you step inside. You can expect:

A Poke Bar, which serves as the centerpiece where they serve up plates of sliced & diced Hawaiian-style rawness, running from soy-glazed ahi tuna, to spicy garlic scallops, to roasted sesame beef, and beyond.

A chef’s table resides downstairs, where you can watch 20 (!) cover chefs at work, surrounded by tanks of live seafood, which they’ll convert to plate-fillers in front of your eyes. When it’s not booked, it’ll be available for walk-ins.

A grill, from which you can score dishes like a bison rib-eye with yuzu soy hollandaise, and charred sea bass with pineapple salsa. And,

A bar, where you can get mixed quenchers like the Hang Ten, which blends rum, pineapple, sage syrup, and Hawaiian golden ale.

…well, aloha.

NOTE: Black Roe is open now, Mon – Fri 12pm – 14:45 / 18:00 – 22:45, and Sat 1pm – 14:45 / 18:00 – 22:45, and closed on Sundays. Book here or by calling 020 3794 8448.

Black Roe

4 Mill Street, Mayfair, West London, W1S 2AX
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7.5 / 10

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