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From the team behind beautiful Peruvian-Japanese lovechild Chotto Matte, Black Roe doesn’t bother to span the Pacific, but instead lands smack in the middle of it: Hawaii.

All soft, moody greys with plenty of wood and leather inside, the place is so impressively atmospheric you won’t be able to stop a slightly inadvertent well, aloha… from escaping your lips when you step inside. That might turn to an alo…huh? as you clock the huge portraits of fishermen looking down at you, and the neon slogan ‘enjoy the silence’. But if it is silent, it’s because the diners are speechlessly enjoying the fruits of:

A Poke Bar, the restaurant’s centrepiece, where they serve up plates of sliced & diced Hawaiian-style rawness, running from soy-glazed ahi tuna, to spicy garlic scallops, roasted sesame beef, and beyond.

A chef’s table resides downstairs, where you can watch 20 (!) cover chefs at work, surrounded by tanks of live seafood, which they’ll convert to plate-fillers in front of your eyes. When it’s not booked, it’s available for walk-ins.

A grill, from which you can score dishes like a bison rib-eye with yuzu soy hollandaise, and charred sea bass with pineapple salsa. And,

A bar, where you can get mixed quenchers like the Hang Ten, which blends rum, pineapple, sage syrup, and Hawaiian golden ale.

…well, aloha.


NOTE: Black Roe is open for lunch on weekdays, and dinner Mon-Sat. You can find out more, and book a table, HERE.

Black Roe | 4 Mill Street, W1S 2AX

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Black Roe

4 Mill Street, Mayfair, W1S 2AX
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