Brazilian super-chef Alberto Landgraf – the man behind one of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World, and proud owner of two Michelin Stars – has just cut the ribbon on his first international restaurant, right here in London.

It’s called Bossa, and frankly, it’s looking like it’ll be the bossa the Mayfair date spot scene for the foreseeable future.

Right from the moment you walk in, the place radiates a dark, moody sleekness. The centre of the room is dominated by an X-shaped bank of plump leather sofas, with a glossily varnished wooden table projecting out from each corner, all sandwiched by the cocktail bar on one side, and the bustling open kitchen on the other. Basically, if this restaurant was a person, they’d be intimidatingly confident, well-dressed, and would probably be wearing sunglasses.

Apparently chef Alberto Landgraf flew the entire team from his critically acclaimed Rio De Janeiro restaurant (Oteque) over in order to make sure that the dishes remained as authentically Brazilian as possible – and they’ve delivered. The menu starts with the likes of meaty, roasted scallops mottled with a beautifully caramelised char, and dressed in a tangy, earthy, and slightly sour tucupi sauce (made from manioc root); and a bowl of sashimi-like raw yellowtail decorated with bottarga and intense dried acai berries.

Larger dishes run from a thick chop of black pork ‘secreto’ (a marbled cut from the shoulder of an Iberico pig) reclining on bright a bed of apple puree and bolstered with some black pudding, right through to a traditional & hearty moqueca seafood stew with banana farofa, and some langoustines with pink fir potatoes & vegetable cream.

At the cocktail bar the story is similar, with an emphasis on well-executed traditional drinks (the mojito in particular is lovely, using mint-infused rum and house-made mint soda to avoid shredded leaves) buttressed by a smattering of house originals, such as the mezscladinha, which adds a glug of smokey mezcal to a caipirinha, or the Black Pepper which brings together Scotch, grapefruit, lime and – indeed – black pepper.

It’s one for the seasoned drinkers.


NOTE: Bossa is open now Tuesday to Saturday. You can book a table, and find out more at their website right here

​​Bossa | 4 Vere Street, W1G 0DG

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4 Vere Street, Mayfair, W1G 0DG
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