Jason Allen 25/02/24

Dream XI’AN

Master Wei has had a Dream.

Not a weird one with nudity or teeth falling out, but a more ambitious one: to open a big ol’ palace of noodles on the banks of the Thames.

And lo & behold, Dream XI’AN is a reality, parking itself right next to The Tower of London in a spacious venue within the fancy new Tower Place development.

For a little background, the actual Master Wei is a chef named Guirong Wei, who worked her way up to become the only female head chef in her home city of Xi’an – an achievement it’s tough to overstate – before she moved to London to head up the acclaimed restaurant Xi’an Impression. She specialises in food from her home province of Shaanxi, in particular their wonderful hand-pulled noodles. And yes, they serve them here, and yes they’re delicious.

Dream Xi'an

The space itself is a simple and clean spot with dark wood furnishings wrapped with Chinese-style murals and backlit panels. It’s nothing too flashy, but then this is just a casual noodle spot, and flashy wouldn’t feel quite right.

Dream Xi'an

The flashy they save for the menu. There’s plenty of new stuff going around, including hand-made steamed dim sum; special fried bao; and a thick paomo beef soup. But you can, naturally, still get the classic biángbiáng hand-pulled noodles (so named for the ‘bang bang’ sound made while slapping them on the counter as they’re pulled) served up in a variety of sauces & toppings. Oh, and a little bit of trivia about those noodles: the Chinese character used for their name is one of the most complex in modern usage, taking 58 strokes to write. You can literally make the noodles quicker.

Which sounds like something from a weird dream.


NOTE: Dream XI’AN is open now, seven days a week. You can find out more and make a booking at the webpage right here.

Dream XI’AN | Tower Place, EC3R 5BU

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Dream XI’AN

Tower Place, Tower Bridge, East London, EC3R 5BU

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