John Salt | A Great Little Neighbourhood Bar In Islington... With Good Beer

John Salt

John Salt

John Salt | Islington Pub

Give a Hand Hug to John Salt, a new “neighbourhood bar, with good beer” launching in Islington today, courtesy of the team behind Shoreditch institution The Owl & Pussycat.

Technically, it’s a pub.

But then again ‘Raiders of The Lost Ark’ is, technically, about the raiders of a discovered ark… so we shouldn’t be pedantic. Not now.

Only it is a pub: one of those large, two-floored, warehouse conversion pubs. You know the type – battered brickwork and leather banquettes; exposed filament lightbulbs; a randomly-positioned pop corn stand and a big disco ball in the kitchen, spinning above the head of Ben Spalding (ex-Head Chef at Roganic).

All standard stuff…

There’s a long bar on the ground floor, where you’ll have access to a big selection of locally and internationally-sourced beers, in addition to cocktails devised by Soulshakers.  And then there’s the bar food, like salt marsh lamb wraps and crispy chicken skin sandwiches – all cooked and delivered live, right in front of you.

But the first floor is Spalding’s domain: an intimate restaurant overlooking the bar and offering a constantly evolving choice of either 4, 8 or 12 course tasting menus.

One of the dishes is called “Chicken On A Brick”, and consists of an actual brick (coated in a caramel glaze) that the chef encourages diners to lick…

You should try it – it’s off the wall.


John Salt 131 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 1QP


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John Salt

131 Upper Street, Islington, North East London, N1 1QP


7 / 10

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