Larry's | A New NY-Inspired All-Day Eatery In Peckham


A NY-Inspired, All-Day Eatery In Peckham

Peckham residents are happy as…

…Larry’s – an all-day, New York-inspired eatery – will be opening its doors right outside Peckham Rye station this coming March.

You’ll find it cosied up next to the already critically-lavished Levan – which could be intimidating, were it not run by the exact same team. It all clicks into place when you hear that Levan was named after Larry Levan (one of the most influential Disco DJs of all time). ‘It’s a naughty little brother’, say the owners.

The difference is that whilst Levan took inspiration from LL’s innovation and freedom of expression (exemplified by its approach to wine), Larry’s is more focused on creating a place that the man himself might actually have wanted to spend time. In practice, this means a laid-back 1970s-styled deli and late night-restaurant – the kind of place that you might drop in for your morning coffee and croissant, but that also stays open long enough for a boozy dinner with friends.

Styling wise, it will draw heavily from Larry Levan’s 1970s heyday – orange laminate tables will meet bright green vintage Eames chairs, and the day’s menu will be lit-up in light boxes on the wall.

Larry's Peckham

The food will be influenced by the corner bars, diners and cafes of New York, or at least where breakfast and lunch are concerned. As well as freshly-baked pastries you’ll be able to kick things off with the likes of crispy potato latkes, topped with smoked salmon, sour cream, and dill pickle; or soft boiled eggs with focaccia, Italian sausage, and Emmental cheese. For lunch they’ll be serving thick-cut meatball melts, stuffed full of pickles and aged Gouda; or veal schnitzel with red cabbage remoulade and fermented chilli mayonnaise.

For dinner it’s small plates, except this time they’ve been designed to showcase the true breadth of the NY restaurant scene. This means you’re just as likely to find pig head’s ragu as you are XO cabbage with clams, washed down with cocktails, beer, and low-intervention wines.


NOTE: Larry’s is now open – you can find out more HERE.

Larry’s | Unit 5, 12-16 Blenheim Grove, London, SE15 4QL

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Unit 5, 12-16 Blenheim Grove, Peckham, SE15 4QL

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