New Restaurants In London

New Restaurants In London

The Best New Restaurants In London

Welcome to our pick of the best new restaurants in London right now: a regularly-updated list of our favourite eatery openings from the past twelve months.

We’ve created it because while two restaurants close in London every week, three tend to open. A fact that, as well as keeping things interesting, also makes keeping track of the ones that are worth visiting fairly taxing…

Which is why we’ve taken the liberty of doing it for you.

Right here:

Padella | If Italy was literally a boot, it would be a UK size 41 million. And if Italy was a restaurant, it would be Padella. After all it’s run by the people behind Trullo, the critically lavished Italian spot in Highbury. However this follow-up is a more focused effort, serving only fresh, hand-made pasta – which you can see being made from the window, all day – and antipasta. 

Duende | The solo debut from Victor Garvey, (who previously ran the kitchen at St Katharine Docks’ critically-fellated Bravas Tapas) this Covent Garden tapas spot definitely something a little magical about it. It’s probably the food.

Pitt Cue. City | The original Pitt Cue. in Carnaby was – quite literally – too small to swing a cat. It had half a dozen tables, total. This follow up, however, is HUGE. In fact, it has an onsite butchery, a cocktail bar, and a damn brewery. And you can finally book a table. Be warned though; they don’t do the pulled pork any longer. 

Dickie Fitz | From the people behind such venerable institutions as The Lady Ottoline and the Princess Victoria, Dickie’s gorgeous Fitzrovia space boasts two floors, high ceilings, canary yellow furnishings, and a gorgeous marble fireplace. The menu is an all-day, Pacific-inspired affair – leaning heavily towards Australian cuisine, and they do a killer brunch. 

Pharmacy 2 | Art galleries feed the soul. They nourish the mind. And if there are nudes there, then they provide a light snack for the libido too. But they very rarely do anything for your actual hunger. Well, Pharmacy 2 is here to change all that. The art comes courtesy of Damien Hirst and his vast collection, and the food comes via Mark Hix. 

Frenchie | The French. They gave us the metric system, Napoleon, and sarcasm. And, boy, we just haven’t stopped thanking them ever since. But they also gave us an unbelievable amount of good food. And that continues with Frenchie; a new Covent Garden eatery from the chef behind the vaunted, and insanely popular Paris restaurant of the same name.

Native | A newly opened cosy Covent Garden restaurant, Native specializes in wild food, rare breeds, and inventive ways to cook them – and it’s been set up by two uni buddies: a chef, and the very falconer who keeps Wimbledon pigeon-free. You’ll find Southern-fried rabbit, pigeon kebabs, and whatever else their gamekeeper/supplier has ventilated with shotgun pellets.

Le Bab | While the word ‘gourmet’ gets thrown around a lot, almost to the point of losing all meaning, we can confidently say that LB are serving gourmet kebabs. After all, they’re from a trio of chefs who left Le Gavroche and its two Michelin stars in order to cook them.


NOTE: Our favourite new restaurants in London change, perhaps predictably, quite a lot. So, please do check back.

(Image: Courtesy of Frenchie)

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New Restaurants In London

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