Red Dog South | American BBQ and Bourbon Cocktails in Clapham

Red Dog South

Red Dog South

Red Dog South | Clapham Restaurant

As America’s ceaseless culinary invasion of London continues at pace – with no indication of ever retreating – you should probably bear in mind that, according to the most recent statistics, 60% of Americans are currently overweight.

And the remaining 40% are obese.

The point of bringing this up is simply to say that American food can be fatty, and it’s becoming increasingly popular in London these days. And we love you, and want you to look after yourself.

So – given that all of the very best diets include a weekly Cheat Day (during which, both for psychological and physiological reasons, one should eat as much of anything and everything possible) – we’d like to draw your attention to the banoffee pancakes with maple syrup, pit-cooked ribs with mac n’cheese and boozy butterscotch ice cream shakes now being served at Red Dog South in Clapham, which opens today.

Because for many reasons – all of which you’ll find by searching online, but none of which we can remember – the more calories taken on during Cheat Day, the more weight you lose!*

Which excitingly means guilt-free, weekly trips to Red Dog South for fried catfish and buffalo wings; pit cooked pulled pork and 12 hour brisket with mac n’ cheese, meaty beans and burnt end pie; The Devastator Burger (which comes with an actual challenge to finish it); cocktails and boozy shakes; plus a full brunch menu at weekends which includes ‘fully loaded’ breakfasts, salt beef with fried eggs and blueberry pancakes with whipped butter and maple syrup.

Man you’re going to be ripped.


NOTE: Red Dog South is now open. You can reserve a table either by calling on 0203 714 2747 or, more efficiently, directly HERE

*There is, however, a technicality that has something to do with eating well throughout the rest of the week…

Red Dog South | 27-31 Bedford Road, Clapham, London SW4 7SH

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Red Dog South

27-31 Bedford Road, Clapham, South London, SW4 7SH
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