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Rotorino | Dalston Restaurant / Wine Bar 

Some people, all of whom are Italian, believe that no English chef could ever cook Italian food better than-a-Mama-Dolmio. Or any other famous Italian chef.

And to them we say simply this…

Go to Jamie’s Italian on Threadneedle Street. When you get there, walk up to Bishopsgate and then head in a straight line for about 15 minutes – past Spitalfields Market – until you arrive at Rotorino. Go in, and have a meal.

The epicurean triumvirate behind this exciting new eatery – which consists of the founder of London’s first wine car boot sale; the man behind Milk & Honey and Street Feast; and one of London’s best chefs – came up with the name Rotorino by spending all day in their new kitchen, brainstorming ideas and juggling pasta.

Apparently they were in there for five hours before the penne dropped.

Head chef Stevie Parle was the youngest ever chef to work at The River Café, has written three cookbooks and is launching Rotorino after stints at Moro, Petersham Nurseries and The Dock Kitchen. He’s serving up (very) fairly-priced “frill-free cooking with a focus on wood-grilled fish and meats”: dishes like sea bream carpaccio with buffalo ricotta; hanger steaks with calabrian chilli sauce; veal meatballs; and pork chops marinated in myrtle and lemon peel, epic Sunday lunches… all complemented by a wine list curated by Ruth “Street Vin” Spivey.

But of course, there’s homemade pasta here too. And, this being an Italian restaurant, you get to eat it between your starter and your main course. Chef Parle has allegedly become so passionate about the produce being used at Rotorino that he’s been spending many hours at a time on his own, meticulously studying the texture of different varieties of pasta.

Sometimes he feels cannelloni.


NOTE: Rotorino is open now, and you can reserve a table either on its website or by calling 020 7249 9081.

ALSO NOTE: Jamie’s Italian is good too.

Rotorino | 434 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AA

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434 Kingsland Road, Dalston, Dalston, East London, E8 4AA


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