Tom's Kitchen Chelsea | Seasonal and Foraged Food Whipped Into Hearty British Dishes

Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea

Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea

Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea


Home to red chinos, white polos, and loafers.

Also, unsurprisingly, home to Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea: a modern British brasserie located in a townhouse on the former site of The Blenheim pub, which – after opening in 2006, undergoing a renovation, having a mid-life crisis and happily settling into old age – is still in operation today.

Its continued existence – like all good things – is most likely a result of only three very important traits.

1) Good lineage. It’s owned and run by Tom Aikens. The same Tom Aikens who worked under Pierre Koffman before taking the role of head chef at Pied à Terre (subsequently donning the crown for the youngest British chef ever awarded two Michelin stars in the process) and finally deciding to channel that knowledge into simple, hearty, accessible food.

2) Good character. Similar to its three other sites spread around London (Canary Wharf, St Katherine Docks & Somerset House), Tom’s Kitchen focuses on seasonal fare from British suppliers, farmers and foragers. There are classics such as fish and chips and mac and cheese, and then there are slightly less classic seven hour confit lambs for two with butter mashed potato and balsamic onions. For drinks, you’ll find wine, beer and cocktails like the vodka, kumquat, house vanilla syrup, lime, pomegranate and peach bitters Peninsula, among others.

And finally,

3) Good chocolate and peanut butter fondant with salted caramel ice cream.


NOTE: Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea is open now. You can reserve a table online right HERE. To get in contact with the restaurant directly and for any further information, please email

Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea | 27 Cale Street, Chelsea, SW3 3QP

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Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea

27 Cale Street, Chelsea, West London, SW3 3QP
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