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Your Kingly Court Guide

Kingly Court | Carnaby Street Dining Nook

Last Updated: 9th April 2020

Take the right turning through an archway off Carnaby Street, or a small passageway between buildings on Beak Street, and you’ll find yourself in a hidden Soho courtyard.

Which is no mean feat, considering it’s a multi-coloured; festoon-lit; three-story quadrangle with a year-round al fresco courtyard lined by 21 different restaurants, bars and shops.

Here are the ones truly worth a visit:

Darjeeling Express

Darjeeling Express - Kingly Court

Supperclub queen-turned-restaurateur Asma Khan wowed critics with her debut restaurant, perched on the top tier of Kingly Court. Together with her crack team of “housewife” chefs, she serves up a mouthwatering menu of dishes drawn from Nepal to Telangana, including goat curry, spiced beetroot croquettes and Kolkata’s Chinese-influenced chilli garlic prawns. READ MORE

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 12-3 and 6-10pm

Dirty Bones

Dirty Bones Kingly Court

Dirty Bones is pretty much your typical all-day, all-American diner, where you’ll knock back deep fried mac’n’cheese balls, sesame crusted slow-cooked pork ribs and crispy buttermilk fried chicken burgers with a vodka-laced Butter Baby hard shake, before ordering a couple of pickleback shooters and throwing shapes to their hip-hop, funk and soul soundtrack till half midnight. READ MORE

Opening Hours: M-Th 12pm-12am; Fri 12pm-12.30am; Sat 11am-12.30pm; Sun 11am-11pm


Disrepute Kingly Court

Ludicrously beautiful, Disrepute looks like a cross between a 1920s train carriage and a Stanley Kubrick-designed space station. All low ceilings, conspiratorial corners and velvet-boothed archways, it’s home to an enigmatic cocktail list where drinks are described by short stories, not ingredients – which, if you could read them, would include the likes of Babycham reduction, honey mead and peach cognac. READ MORE

Opening Hours: Daily from 5pm-3am (12am Sundays) – booking ahead advised

The Good Egg

Good Egg Kingly Court Soho

The Good Egg is a great little New York-Jewish-deli-meets-Middle-Eastern-restaurant parked in this colourful Soho courtyard. Served within beautiful teal, gold and rosy pink interiors, the food here is excellent at any time of day – from babka French toast and hot, doughy pastries topped with mushroom, tahini and ‘fudgy’ egg; to challah breads and bagels; to sharing feasts of pastrami short rib or goat shawarma with cornbread and honey butter. READ MORE

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-11pm, Fri 8am-12am, Sat 9am-12am, Sun 10am-9:30pm

Le Bab

Le Bab - Kingly Court

A trio of chefs from Michelin-starred eatery Le Gavroche now devote their time to the art of the gourmet kebab. Housed in an elegant and spacious dining room, with blue tiled walls and a sharp concrete counter surrounding the open kitchen, Le Bab is the place to head whenever you have the very specific, and yet common craving for pork shawarma and pickled kohlrabi kebabs, with fondue-slathered double-cooked fries, frothy pink cocktails and an ice cream sandwich. READ MORE

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10pm; Fri 12pm-3pm, 5:30pm-10pm; Sat 12pm-3:30pm, 6pm-10pm; sun 1pm-4pm, 5pm-9pm


Cahoots Kingly Court

Underground-themed bars.

They’re a great spot to get a roundel in.

Especially Cahoots – arguably London’s best retro bar dressed up like a fictional tube station with subway tiling, old tube memorabilia and a whole vintage train carriage inside. The whole place is a Blitz-era throwback, and the cocktail menu (printed onto an entire newspaper) is filled with creative concoctions harking back to the 1940s – perfect for sipping on while you watch live bands and lindy-hop dancers. READ MORE

Opening Hours: Open Mon-Wed 5pm-2am; Thurs 5pm-3am; Fri 4pm-3am; Sat 1pm-3am; Sun 3pm-12am

Pizza Pilgrims

Pizza Pilgrims Kingly Court

Your pizza pilgrimage is over. See, the duo behind PP made a painstaking trip across Italy, learning how to optimise every aspect of the pizza-making process from local artisans and pizzaiolos, meaning that the bakes they offer here are pretty much scientifically proven to be the best possible pizzas. Choose your topping, like fennel pork sausage or mushroom and truffle; order a house-made limoncello; and savour the fruits of their labour. READ MORE

Opening Hours: Daily from 11.30am (Sundays from 12pm) till late

Señor Ceviche

Senor Ceviche Kingly Court

Señor Ceviche is only marginally more colourful on the plates than off them – the interiors are an eclectic, fluorescent mix of mosaic-patterned flooring, festoon lighting, Peruvian posters and primrose yellow banquette seating. Which should go some way to preparing you for the wackiness on the menu, like marinated beef heart skewers; BBQ Jerusalem artichoke ceviche; sweet potato profiteroles and Old Fashioneds made with cherry, mushroom and pine tree-infused pisco. READ MORE

Opening Hours: Daily noon-midnight (10pm Sundays)

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