John Salt | A Two-Level Pub For Drinking, Dancing & Bottomless Brunch

John Salt

John Salt

John Salt | Islington Pub

Give a hand hug to John Salt, Islington’s two storey neighbourhood bar.

Technically, it’s a pub.

But then again ‘Raiders of The Lost Ark’ is, technically, about the raiders of a discovered ark… so we shouldn’t be pedantic. Not now.

Only it is a pub: one of those large, two-floored, warehouse conversion pubs. You know the type – battered brickwork and leather banquettes; exposed filament lightbulbs; a randomly-positioned pop corn stand and a big disco ball in the kitchen.

All standard stuff…

There’s a long bar on the ground floor, where you’ll have access to a big selection of locally and internationally-sourced beers, in addition to cocktails that change with the seasons, from summery blood orange margaritas, to a ‘Liquid Dessert’ for the cooler months – with vodka, Bailey’s, gingerbread syrup and milk.

And if you get peckish, there’s plenty of bar snacks, burgers and small plates like poutine (cheesy chips with a veneer of elegance) and icing sugar-dusted fried sweet aubergines…

They’re pretty sweet.


NOTE: John Salt is open daily 11am-11pm (12am Thurs, 2am Fri & Sat). You can find out more HERE.

John Salt | 131 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1QP

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John Salt

131 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1QP
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0203 437 0634


6.5 / 10

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