Joyeux Bordel | Subterranean Cocktail Bar In Shoreditch | Now Closed

Joyeux Bordel

Joyeux Bordel

NOTE: Joyeux Bordel has sadly now closed.


The worst year in music history.

Kurt Cobain died; Justin Bieber was born.

It was a sad time, made bearable only by the fact that as a result, someone, somewhere, at some stage in the far future has always been destined to provide a means for all of humanity to once again experience what is now a universally accepted definition of all things musically great: ‘the good ol’ days’.

That time has now come.

Welcome to Joyeux Bordel, an intimate, subterranean cocktail bar located behind the slightly inconspicuous black door of a Shoreditch side street. It – like most London cocktail bars – serves a seasonal selection of signature and classic cocktails, as well as beer, champagne and light nibbles. It also – unlike any London cocktail bars whatsoever – does so in a room kitted out with ‘1970s tannoy dual 18” speakers, each separately powered by 1960s Quad II amplifiers using individually tested and sourced valves from 1940 – 1960, sourced, rewired in silver and installed over 3 months’ by a nice young chap named Lawrence.

Which (after some thorough investigation by The Nudge’s audio-tech department) means that the sound quality at Joyeux Bordel is, like, really good. And also explains why they plan on having a large program of guest DJs playing classic and relaxed Afro, Soul, Funk, Disco and Boogie late into the night.

Making it officially the best place in London to listen to live music, accompanied by a chartreuse, millet blanc, elderflower, pepper, sage, lemon and champagne cocktail whilst lounging on low relaxed couches and seeing in the small hours of the morning.

Ahh, the good new days.


NOTE: Joyeux Bordel has sadly now closed.

Joyeux Bordel | 147 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, EC2A 3QE

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Joyeux Bordel

147 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, The City and East London, EC2A 3QE


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