A New Micro-Distillery And Cocktail Bar Arrives In Peckham

Lucky Gin | Peckham

So the folks behind Pedlar – the beautifully kitch Modern European restaurant and cocktail bar on Peckham’s Rye Lane – have just announced a brand new site. According to their Instagram it’s a couple of doors down from Queen’s Road Peckham Station, in same(ish) cluster as Kudu, Smokey Kudu, and Peckham Cellars.

Exactly what it is is yet to be confirmed, although it seems like it sits somewhere between a micro-distillery and a cocktail bar.

As well as Pedlar these guys also own micro gin brand Little Bird Gin, which we suspect will sit front and centre. Their social channels also hint at the reincarnation of pizza brand The Beautiful Pizza Boy. Although again, all if yet to be confirmed.

More soon, more soon.


NOTE: We believe Lucky Gin has already launched, although last time we went down there to check we were just met with a very lovely graffitied shutter. It was a Sunday though, and having just had look at Little Bird Gin’s insta it would seem official opening hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5pm. They also have their own Instagram account here, although are yet to post. We’ll be back with more info soon.



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Lucky Gin

169 Queens Road, Peckham, SE15 2ND
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