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YOUR OCTOBER AGENDA | Pop Up London 2016

By putting the punchline first. 

How do you screw up a good joke? 

And on a slightly more nuanced, chronologically sound note, how do you screw up a good event taking place in London this October? By neglecting to make it either fun or interesting enough to warrant inclusion in Your October Agenda...


THINGS TO DO (October 2016)

The Artist Residence X The Nudge 

Brain surgery. Climate change research. Your plans for one Tuesday of every month, in general, for the rest of time.

Some things are just best left to the professionals.

So we've combined forces with Artist Residence London to deliver a series of monthly talks and Q&As in which industry leaders from some of the most forward thinking art and design studios, brands and publications in the UK will come together in the intimate space that is Clarendon Cocktail Cellar for two hours of talking, open discussion and cocktails.


Details: 4th Oct | Artist Residence, 52 Cambridge St, SW1V 4QQ

Backyard Cinema 

Every decent Italian market has to have at the very least some cured meats, cheeses, and a jungle-themed popup cinema with exotic cocktails, beanbag seating, and a slate loaded with adventure-driven classic films. So it's lucky that Mercato Metropolitano has one, then. 

Details: Throughout October | Mercato Metropolitano, 42 Newington Causeway, SE1 6DR | £16.50

Oktoberfest Bike Ride

Oktoberfest is amazing, but it has one glaring flaw: lack of bikes. Luckily, German heritage is nothing if not flexible, so the people at iBikeLondon will be taking a two-wheeled trip from Southwark to Millwall Park (complete with mobile sound system) where everyone will pat themselves on the back, and head to the Oktoberfest village for beers. 

Details1st October | Meeting point: underneath Waterloo Bridge, SE1 8XT | Free (£5 admission to the Oktoberfest village at the end)

London Cocktail Week featuring Peroni Nastro Azzurro

You should never mix your drinks. Particularly during London Cocktail Week, when hundreds of the city’s finest bartenders are ready, willing and able to do it for you. By simply purchasing a £10 Festival Pass you’ll have access to not only a week of special drinks and pricing (including £5 cocktails at many of London’s finest drinkeries) plus parties, masterclasses, cocktail tours, and a gigantic east London Cocktail Village filled with over forty bespoke pop up bars, including Amare L’Italia by Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

Details: 3rd-9th October | All over London | £10

Thriller Dance Class

'Cause this is thrill-er, thriiiiill-er dance class, a two hour affair at Drink Shop & Do after which you'll know all the moooooves. 

Details: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th October | Drink Shop and Do, 9 Caledonian Rd, N1 9DX | £15

Letters Live

Letters Live is the theatrical realisation of the famous letters (like the recipe for drop scones sent by Queen Elizabeth II to President Eisenhower, or a remarkable job application from Leonardo da Vinci) read aloud by a cast of actors (Benedict Cumberbatch, Sir Ian McKellen, Gillian Anderson, etc.), and it's heading back to the stunning Freemasons' Hall in Covent Garden from the 4th-8th October, following its sell-out run there this March. And its sell out run there last year. 

Details: 4th-8th October | Freemasons' Hall, 60 Great Queen St, WC2B 5AZ | £39.50-£79.50

London Literature Festival 

Unless you're having this Agenda dictated to you by a servant while you lounge decadently on a chaise lounge eating grapes and being fanned by palm fronds, it's probably safe to assume that you read stuff. So you'll probably want to hear about the London Literature Festival, which this year is dedicated to sci-fi, featuring talks by Margaret Atwood, readings from H.G. Wells's The Time Machine, and discussions from Richard Dawkins. 

Details: 5th-16th October | The Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd, SE1 8XX | Free-£25

The Other Art Fair 

Van Gogh created over 900 painting in his lifetime...

... and sold precisely one.

And we can confidently assert that it's because The Other Art Fair wasn't around back then. If it was, it would have been a very, very different story. Because it's the one art fair where the artists themselves are actually there to tell you about the pieces on display. If Van Gogh were there, he'd lend you an ear. Read all about it HERE.

Details: 6th-9th October | Old Truman Brewery, E1 6QL | £8

NOTE: Obviously if you're a Nudge Member, you and everyone you're with are getting in for free. Just flash your Nudge Card.

The Hot Dog Challenge

Bubbledogs are inviting some of the best chefs in London (not kidding: James Lowe from Lyle’s, José Pizarro, Robin Gill from The Dairy, etc., etc.) into their kitchen to try and cook the best hotdog they can. And you will be there to help decide who the superior hot dog chef is, by tasting each of them. 

Now if only the winner knew a good place to get some Champagne... 

Details: 10th October | 70 Charlotte Street, W1T 4QG | £15

The Bloomsbury Festival 

Culturally speaking, Bloomsbury isn't just a lone Woolf. And the Bloomsbury Festival is here to prove it, with events like farmers markets, comedy, theatre, workshops, Between the Lines ("a literature festival within the festival"), and more. 

Details: 19th-23rd October | Across Bloomsbury

London Shuffle Club

Behold a brief history of shuffleboard: It was invented in England in the early 1500s. Henry VIII played it, and its popularity spread. It became so wildly addictive that people stopped working, and so in 1542 the government had to ban it.

And now it's back.

And the people brazenly risking our economy by unleashing this illicit pastime on an unwitting public for the next three months are none other than The London Shuffle Club. Find out more right HERE.

Details: 12 October - end of December | Brick Lane, E1 6QL | £40 for a one hour (with up to 8 people)

The Omnivorious Party

For those just catching up: The Omnivorious Party is a French-born "traveling food festival" that stops in various cities across the globe, rounding up their best chefs, and getting them to feed you over the course of a day. Here in London that means you're eating food from Som Saa, Frenchie, Padella, Nuno Mendes, and a dozen more places, who're all cooking up over 6k small plates between them.

Details: 22nd October | F BLOCK G4, The Old Truman Brewery, E1 6QR | £35


Wines of Argentina want to show off a little. And they plan to do it by stuffing Hoxton's JJ Studios with 40 Argentinian winemakers, paired with a meal by native Mauro Colagreco (he runs the 6th best restaurant in the world, should you ask), art from Barro (Buenos Aires's hottest gallery, apparently), and music from a pair of cool-as-hell Argentinian bands. 

Details: 25th-28th October | Unit 17A Perseverance Works, 25-27 Hackney Road, E2 8DD | £32– £106

The Last Tuesday Society’s Halloween Ball: “La Danse Macabre”

Holding their Halloween ball on the last Friday of the month (ironic? We're not sure) the Last Tuesday Society are filling the Clapham Grand Theatre with musicians like Sarah Olivier, DJs like the Rumsteppers, and performers like the Chivaree Circus. You shall be expect to make commensurate effort in your own appearance, with masks, coats & tails, ruffles & bustles, ballgowns & tophats all expected. 

Details: 28th October | Clapham Grand Theatre, The Grand, 21 - 25 Saint John's Hill, SW11 1TT | £7.50-£20

London Comic Con

Hundreds of people unused to social contact are soon going to be willfully herding themselves into the same space when ComicCon hits the Excel Centre this month. Expect cosplayers, steampunk, stalls, memorabilia, and famed stars of the screen turning up to sign stuff. 

Details: 28th-30th October | Excel London, Royal Victoria Dock, E16 1XL | £15-50

Mrs Peel's Halloween

Due to extremely foreseen circumstances, this Friday the 29th of October will now take place in the 1960s. It will all be hosted by Mrs. Peel on her roof terrace, where she's arranged for live music from the bikini beach band, dj sets lounge discotheque supremo Martin Green, psychedelic light effects and projections, cocktails, and guests dressed for appropriate decade. 

Details: 29th October | The Eight Club, 1 Dysart Street, EC2A 2BX | £15-20

Hawksmoor's Sixth Annual Charity Dinner 

Given that they feed so many happy Londoners, the people at Hawksmoor take it upon themselves to regularly feed the less fortunate too - each year, they put on a charity dinner to raise money for Action Against Hunger. 2016's gig is going to have executive chef Richard Turner assemble a "dream team" of chefs to serve you a five course bespoke meal with some money-can't-buy auction items thrown in for good measure. 

Details: 29th October | Hawksmoor Guildhall, 10 Basinghall St, EC2V 5BQ | £150 min. donation

The Mansion Halloween Ball

The people at the Oxford English Dictionary are scrambling to re-write the entry for 'decant', because after The Mansion Halloween Ball their current definition will be woefully inadequate. The party will include: two dancefloors, an art room, a VIP area, a pair of lounges, fire shows, a silhouette cutter, a team of make-up artists, a VJ playing vintage horror flicks, and more. 

Details: 29th October | Secret NW Location | £30-£3,000

Sunday Papers Live

For the time being, Sunday Papers still exist in non-digital, oversized, supplement-stuffed form. And the fine people at SPL are embracing that fact by organizing a whole day of talks, roasts, lazy walks, and thoroughly British relaxation. 

Details: 30th October | Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent's Park Road, NW1 7AY | £35

Mercato Metropolitano

Mercato Metropolitano.

Our in-house Italian translator has told us that in English this means "(wild hand gestures) Metropolitan (wild hand gestures) Market". 

It's the first international branch of a Turin-based enterprise of the same name, taking on Borough Market on its own turf by planting itself squarely in Southwark - in a vast, disused paper factory, no less. Find out more right HERE

Details: Throughout October | 42 Newington Causeway, SE1 6DR | Free

The Drop Off

Welcome to a immersive theatre experience that's SO immersive, you're technically already in it (as an extra). 

The Drop Off will see you take a starring role with "nine million extras" as you travel the capital's more iconic locations by land, rail, and river, as well as taking in a drink or two, interacting with cast members (who may not be able to tell you "the absolute truth") and ending with a speedboat chase, before settling into a bar for some post show drinks. 

With 50% off all night. 

Details: Ends 2nd October | A Secret Zone 1 Location | £60

Maman Le Mot

Accordion to a recent study, you can replace the first word of a sentence with the name of a classic French instrument used by cliched pastiches of WW2 resistance fighters, and no-one will notice. 

And it's that kind of subtly that you'll need to demonstrate at Maman Le Mot. Find out more about it right HERE

Details: Ends 26th Nov | A Secret London Bridge Bunker | £17.50 for entry only / £42.50 incl. dinner

Campfire Club

Remember when everyone used to huddle around a campfire on school trips while someone played the guitar, and you all told stories, and had a singalong? Well, this is like that, except instead of your PE teacher, the person with the guitar is a celebrated folk musician, and there's a full bar stocked with home-made wines, ciders, ales, and mead. 

Details: 7th, 14th, and 21st October | Various London Locations | £8-10

Epic Sundays at British Museum 



Cosmic fire-eaters. 

No, this is not a list of people Donald Trump blames for his polling numbers. 

It is, in fact, a mere smattering of topics that the Crick Crack Club will be tackling for their Epic Sunday storytelling sessions at the British Museum. Find out more HERE

Details: 9th October (and thought the year) | The British Museum, Great Russell Street, WC1B 3DG | £6-8

NHM Lates

The dinosaurs must have wondered why that strange bright spot in the sky kept getting bigger.

And then it hit them. 

Thankfully though, 65 million years later, their fossilized skeletons were dug up, and put on display at The Natural History Museum. And thanks to Lates, that Natural History Museum opens its rather impressive arched doors after hours on the last Friday of every month for you to enjoy the exhibits in the best possible way - with a drink in your hand. Find out more right HERE

Details28th October | The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, SW7 5BD | Free (but special events are ticketed)

KERB Camden Market 

This month, KERB are launching their biggest street food lineup to date in Camden Market, with 35 traders (Mother Clucker, Kimchinary, Oli Baba’s, etc.) running 7 days a week, and taking only one single day off each year.

It must be Christmas. 

Details: Throughout October | Camden Market West Yard, Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AF


Being unveiled this month is Farmopolis, and it'll be turning Greenwich Peninsula into a verdant, plant filled, activity-laden, permanent cultural hub hovering on stilts above the Thames. And if it sounds nuts... that’s because it is.

Details: Throughout October | The Jetty, Greenwich Peninsula, London, SE10 0FL | Free

Thom Foole's House Party

Immersive comedy. Yes, that's what living in the UK frequently feels like, but in the case of Thom Foole's House party, that's literally what it is. Expect cabaret, DJs, impromptu games, booze, and a cast of absurdly funny comedians. 

Details: 6th October | 44 Essex Road, N1 8LN | £7

Harry Potter At House of MinaLima 

Sirius Moneyum

That's the spell that creates dedicated Harry Potter popup shops in Soho's House of MinaLima, with four floors of limited edition prints, replica notebooks, and Hogwarts Acceptance Letters, along with a an exhibition of graphic art and authentic film props.

And apparently, someone just said it. 

Details: Now-2017 | House of MinaLima, 26 Greek Street, W1D 5DE | Free entry

Django Banjo Gold Rush

Django Banjo (the wild west themed popup in Shoreditch) was so successful, it turned into something of a gold mine. So now, they've decided to make that literally the case. The reincarnation of DB takes place in Vauxhall, and will feature an immersive, gold-laden five course meal including the likes of deep-fried crocodile, pulled pork muffnuts, and golden bullion chocolate bars, as well as live music and hidden gold coins (they're not real, calm down - but they can be exchanged for prizes). 

Details: Now-1st Oct | The Yard, 4 Durham Street, SE11 5JA | £35

Bullshit London

Bullshit is a "factually inaccurate walking tour" of London (that still nonetheless allows the occasional scrap of truth to escape) and Standing on the Shoulders of Giants is a new show for 2016. It runs from Moorgate Tube to Bank Station, and takes in the delights of the City out of working hours, hilariously exposing the controversial secrets behind the financial sectors’ dominance.

Details: Every Sunday from Now-Oct 16th | From Moorgate Tube to Bank Station | £10

Karaoke Rumble

Fun Fact. In Japanese, Karaoke means "empty orchestra". 

Much Funner Fact. Karaoke Rumble’s back at the Star of Kings, where members of the public get on stage and attempt to sing at least two minutes of their song of choice without being booed off stage by the rabid crowd, all in the hopes of making it to a final battle showdown with another singer. 

You’ve got this in the bag.

Details: 1st Thursday of every month until November, 7.30pm | The Star of Kings, 126 York Way, N1 OAX | Free

Kinema and Kocktails

Welcome to Kinema and Kocktails: a series of klassic films shown by Kellar Door in their small, intimate bar. October films are all themed "Everybody wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant.". You can expect inclusive themed kocktails, free popcorn, and a silent short accompanied by a live piano performance with each screening. 


Details: Every Sunday through summer | Cellar Door, Aldwych, WC2E 7DN | £15

Take in a Show!

Want to go to the theatre, but don't have a list of every single theatre show currently on in London - divided into musical, comedy, drama, and immersive categories - in which every show has been attributed a Rotten Tomatoes-style average score out of ten based on the reviews of London's most preeminent theatre critics? Well, now you have no excuse. 

DetailsVarious dates | All across London

The Royal Maritime Greenwich Ghost Tour

The brand new Royal Maritime Greenwich Ghost Tour is going to be:

1) Weird. And,

2) Result in you exploring hidden laneways, London's oldest park, Charles Dickens' favourite pub, abandoned tunnels, and the darker side of Greenwich World Heritage Site on a 1.5 hour, 2km lantern-lit ghost walk. 

DetailsSaturdays, January - December 2016 | Cutty Sark, Greenwich, SE10 9HT | £14

Druid St Market

Technically not a popup.

Technically a brand new London produce and street food market in Bermondsey with ice cream sandwiches and floats by Blu Top; left field toasties courtesy of FAT by Freddie; and jerk chicken & fish fingers from Only Jerkin'; as well as a host of other stuff.

Mmm, other stuff.

DetailsSaturdays, 9am - 4pm | Druid St, SE1 2HH


We hereby posit that at some point in the near future you will urgently require immediate access to a gigantic day and night street food market located inside a former armoured truck depot featuring 6 eat-in diners; 5 cozy food shacks; 4 cocktail bars; 3 roof terraces; 1 raised, fire pit-laden mezzanine platform; a huge, communal dining area set out over 10,000 sq feet of prime East London real estate; and 2 excellent food trucks.

When that happens, there’s always Dinerama.

DetailsEvery Thurs/Fri/Sat | 19 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 3EJ | free before 7pm, £3 thereafter




The Afro Fusion Dinner

Fact: there are more French speakers in Africa that there are in France. So it's no surprise that there's a lot of Afro-French fusion cuisine there. What is surprising, is that you haven't had any of it. We're assuming. So rectify that at The Afro Fusion Dinner, where you'll get a taste of food from three African regions courtesy of an Afro-French chef. 

Details: 1st October | The Grocery, 54-56 Kingsland Road, E2 8DP | £35

Adam Rawson's 7 Wonders of the Culinary World

Last year, Adam Rawson won the Young British Foodie Chef of the year award. Luckily, it didn't go to his head at all, because he's modestly named the menu for his week long Soho popup "The 7 Wonders of the Culinary World". They include the likes of 60 day aged ex-dairy cow steaks with foie gras & patatas, Moroccan lamb & golden raisin pastillas, and a dish called "dark chocolate & liquid gold" from Croatia. 

Details: 3rd-8th October | The Sun & 13 Cantons, 21 Great Pulteney St, W1F 9NG | £38.50


Ben Spalding sleeps three hours a night. One of his first ever jobs was at The Fat Duck. He recently walked out of his gig as head chef at John Salt because he didn't want to cook "safe, unchallenging pub food". What we're basically saying here is that his popup #AllGunsBlazing - serving 12-course tasting menus in a custom-designed space while collaborating with Michelin-starred chefs from outside of London (who he wants to take "out of their comfort zone") -is not too shabby

Details4th & 5th October | 4th Floor Studios, 259 Commercial Rd, E1 2BT | £59

Squid Kitchen Madrid Market Eating

Squid. What a bunch of suckers. And they're delicious too; a fact that hasn't escaped the attention of Madrid street food specialists the Squid Kitchen, who're holding a series of supper club nights over the next couple of months. You can expect gin gazpacho, pintxos, chilli & garlic oil pan-fried squid, slow cooked chorizo w/ paprika, almond tarts, Spanish apple cakes, and more. 

Details: 6th - 29th October | 119 Lower Clapton Rd, E5 0NP | £30

Lyle's Game Dinner

The Hunger Games. It’s the one type of game you won’t be encountering this weekend at Game 2016, the annual dinner held at Shoreditch’s very own Michelin-starred Lyle’s. What you will be doing instead is enjoying a meaty set menu created by a group of six of the world’s finest chefs using the best of British game.

And it's already sold out... to everyone that isn't a Nudge reader. Get your can't-get tickets right HERE.

Details: 7th & 8th October | Lyle's, Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High St, E1 6JJ | £120

UNA Season 3

Dinner inside a clock tower can be highly time consuming. Especially when you're getting a full six-course tasting menu cooked by extraordinary Argentinian chef Martin Milesi in the iconic St. Pancras tower. Started in 2014, UNA has only 12 diners at each sitting, and they sell out fast. You'll get welcome cocktails, wine-pairings, and a hell of a view. 

Details: 11th-27rh October | St. Pancras Clock Tower, St. Pancras Chambers Euston Road, NW1 2AR | £110

The Lodge

Things we don’t like:

1) Lopsided Christmas trees (can’t stand them).

2) People who “don’t like talking about Christmas in October”. Pfffthh.

3) Not having at our disposal during the glorious, ten-week warm up to Christmas a place where we can comfortably ease ourselves out of summer… and into a makeshift, dimly-lit alpine ski lodge filled with felled trees, heavy checkered blankets and mulled cider.

So it's lucky that The Lodge is reopening. Find out more HERE.

Details: Reopens October 21st | 409 Clapham Road, SW9 9BT

Denim 'n' Dine

Jeans. They’re usually the reason you go on a diet. And now in a gloriously favourable twist of fate, they will be responsible for you eating a multi-course fine dining feast at Pedro Passinhas's newly revived pop-up restaurant, Denim 'N' Dine. The setting is a handmade denim atelier, at which you'll get a six course meal from a former Fat Duck chef. 

Details: Thurs/Fri/Sat nights throughout October | 114 b Blackhorse Lane, E17 6AA | £50pp

Lion City Kitchen 

The name "Singapore" is derived from the Malay words singa (for 'lion') and pura (for 'city). Which is strange, because outside of captivity, no lions have ever lived there. But the Lion City still roars, and LCK is here to prove it, with a regular Thursday night residency in The Waverley Arms, at which they'll be serving rendang tacos, spiced fried chicken burgers, and more. 

Details: Every Thursday until 27th October | The Waverley Arms, SE15 3BU


You know why this picture looks so damn nice? Because it was shot by Clerkenwell Boy. And now he's stepped out from behind the camera and teamed up with Bone Daddies Old Street to launch his own bowl of noodles goodness, named #BoozyWeekendRamen. It has a cheese sauce, pork, plus a kimchi Bloody Mary on the side - and is available for the first 50 people through the door every Sat & Sun.

DetailsUntil 16th October | Bone Daddies Old Street, The Bower, EC1V 9NV | £15 (for the first 50 people who order it)

Tiger Dram

Rolling the dice on a curry frequently results in pained, whimpering pleas for milk. 

However at Tiger Dram - the new whiskey & curry popup hidden behind Battersea’s Cornish Tiger - it can result in a free meal. Find out more right HERE

Details: Now-Dec 31st | 3/4 Battersea Rise, SW11 1EH

Dinner at the Twits

Roald Dahl.

For a man named after a curry, it's taken a long time for someone to arrange a dinner party-style experience about one of his books. 

So consider this ...a novel experience. Read more right HERE

Details: Ends 30th October | Leake St, Waterloo, SE1 7NN | £76.50-96.50

Cucina Rustica 

Popping up in Kentish Town for three months, the idea behind CR is simple: Italian food from a Sicilian chef using hyperlocal British ingredients. Those ingredients are sourced from as close to the popup itself as possible, with bread, pasta, meat, herbs, and vegetables all coming from the nearest three postcodes. On the menu, you'll find things like 'nduja & mascarpone bruschetta, artichoke ravioli, and sweet gnocchi with a molten Nutella filling. 

Details: Now-November | The Rose and Crown, 71-73 Torriano Ave, NW5 2SG


In between their day job of catering Michelin-level private dining experiences, the chefs at Cuisson like to run the occasional Michelin-level public dining experience, too... upon which praise is generally lavished so aggressively that they've now decided the best course of action is, naturally, to open another one. 

And this time, there are interactive tasting menus. 

Details: Throughout October | 1 Cathedral Street, SE1 9DE | £45

NOTE: If you're a Nudge Member, you'll get a free bottle of wine, too. Naturally. Details HERE

Wild Brunch Club

We're not sure if this is a very elaborate prank or not, but the people at Mac & Wild want to serve you branch, but only after you hunt down your own ingredients. To explain: they'll take you for a walk around one of London's woods accompanied by a professional forager, then serve you up pine-cured salmon with scrambled eggs, Scottish Breakfast with white pudding and home-cured bacon, and more, and then give you a gin masterclass with cocktails like the foraged martini (gin, gorse flowers, sweet cicilly)

Details: Saturdays throughout the year | Mac & Wild, 65 Great Titchfield Street, W1W 7PS | £40 

Smoke and Salt 

Popping up for an entire year, S&S aims to provide "modern dining via ancient techniques". What that means on the menu is dishes like grilled spring lamb, with green garlic, and sunchoke pickled okra. 

Details: Now-2017 | 29 Penton Street, N1 9PX

Chicken of the Woods

Operating out of a '30s-era former cloakroom in the enormously grand Grade II listed Hornsey Town Hall, CotW is a weekly supper club with a difference - once a month, the duo behind it will travel the country for a week looking for new ingredients (and wines) to frame their menus around. The debut night will see dishes like Isle of Wight asparagus with ham stock and unpasteurized creme fraiche, and Dexter beef with charcoal onions. 

Details: Fridays & Saturdays until December | Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, The Broadway, N8 9JJ | £35 (£60 wine paired)

Christabel’s ‘Parties’

Purple popcorn. Quinoa and pink playdough castles. Chocolate ganache lego with shortbread jenga. 

You'll find all of the above at Christabel's Edible Playground, which should also convince you to go to her Macaroon Art classes, her workshops on 'cocktails and crack' or her Mad Hatter’s Brunch (where fantastical design, banquet feasting, and weird and wonderful flavour combinations reign supreme).

Details: Various dates across October | A Secret N1 Location | £30 - £40

Hip Hop Brunch

One part hip. One part hop. One part delicious brunch in the form of a 3-course ‘Dirty South’ meal served up alongside an hour of bottomless cocktails which will fuel another (few) hours of glorious hip hop karaoke. 

Details: Dates throughout October | A Secret Location | £35


Who: Monograph Supper Club.

What: Contemporary Japanese dishes.

When: Every Friday throughout October.

Where: 'An art gallery in a newly refurbished Victorian warehouse' somewhere in Hackney (exact location provided at time of booking)

Why: Because they’re serving watercress, tofu, katsuobushi, red shiso and ponzu; Udon noodles with pork belly and curly kale; 24 hour marinated saikyo-miso salmon with Japanese short-grain rice; and matcha dorayaki.

Details: Every Friday in October, 7pm | Hackney (exact location provided at time of booking) | £29 BYOB



POP UP BARS (October 2016)

Camden Town Brewery Tank Party 

Despite sounding like an armored vehicle disco, a tank party is actually a Camden Town brewery tradition wherein they open their doors - and freshly brewed beer tanks - to the public. In this case, those tanks contain 60 hectolitres (that’s ten thousand pints) of both unfiltered Helles, and unfiltered Pale Ale.  There'll be live music, street food, free brewery tours, games, and live mural drawing, too. In case the beer wasn't enough. 

Details: 1st October, 12pm-8pm | Camden Town Brewery, 55-59 Wilkin Street Mews, NW5 3NN | Free

Midnight Apothecary Goes Underground

Midnight Apothecary is campfire-laden cocktail bar on the rooftop of the Brunel Museum. And because the weather is beginnnnnning to turn south, they've decided to turn it into a cocktail bar below the Brunel Museum. It turns out, the space down there is pretty spectacular, and they'll be treating you to a night of cabaret, candlelight, and cocktails. Oh, and the roof will still be open. To toast marshmallows and such. 

Details: 1st October | Brunel Museum, Railway Avenue, SE16 4LF | £8

Blend your own Whiskey

Blended whiskey is already a kind of cocktail, and you'll be learning how to make it yourself in a 1hr experience during which you'll taste the malts, mix them, and take home a bottle of your very own bespoke creation. 

Details: 3rd October | Unit 8, The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, E1 6QR  | £22

The London Cocktail Week Cocktail Village

Spitalfields Market is about to become home to 40 popup bars. And those 40 popup bars are about to become home to thousands of extraordinary, £5 cocktails. And those extraordinary cocktails are about to become home to your tastebuds. God bless London Cocktail Week. 

Details: 3rd-9th October | Spitalfields Market | £10 (for a LCW festival pass)

The Woodford Alliance

While everyone else at London Cocktail Week is skillfully mixing thousands of delicious cocktails, the people at Woodford Reserve will be taking it to a whole new level and mixing their bars, too. They'll be doing it at the Woodford Alliance, a three day popup during LCW that will see them take six of the planet's best bars (three from London, three from the rest of the world) and pair two of them up each night. Check out the award-hogging lineup HERE, and win a £100 bar tab while you're there.

Details4th-6th October | The White Rabbit, 471-473 The Arches Dereham Place, EC2A 3HJ | Free entry for LCW wristband holders

Pints & Pies

Given that you've read the name of this events, the rest of this description will be redundant, but we'll go through with it anyway - there will be pints, from Youngs Brewery (whose head brewer will be there to tell you about the beer you're drinking), and there will be pies matched to those pints, thanks to the award-winning kitchen at The Windmill in Mayfair. 

Details: 19th October | The Windmill Mayfair, 6-8 Mill Street, W1S 2AZ | £35

Oktoberfest East

Backpfeifengesicht literally means ‘a face that deserves to be slapped’ in German. 

Which may be what you want to do to us if we neglected to tell you that Oktoberfest is coming to London and is bringing with it bottomless beer. Read more right HERE.

Details: Ends 8th Oct | Oval Space, 29-32 The Oval, E2 9DT | £15-75

London Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest. If you do it right, it's usually followed by Hungovember. And doing it right involves special brewed Bavarian beer, bratwurst, schitzels, pretzels, oompah bands, and guests dressed in lederhosen and dirndls. 

All of which Oktoberfest London has. 

Details: 29th Sept-02 Oct,  6th Oct-9th Oct | Millwall Park, Canary Wharf | £5-60

ABQ is back!

After ABQ - the Breaking Bad-inspired cocktail-making RV - left town for a brief jaunt across the Channel, London began to get the shakes and go through some pretty heavy withdrawal. 

Well, thankfully, it has returned. 

And as of this month, they'll be back serving up their classic brand of mind-blowing cool, science-y cocktails "cooked" by you while dressed in the classic yellow overalls. Phew. 

Details: Weds-Sun throughout October | An RV, 455 Hackney Road, E29DY | £30

Rooftop Gin Tasting with Spirited Sessions


It makes booze go to your head.

Which is what makes the Spirited Sessions so perfect: they're a new series of interactive drinks tasting sessions held Roof East. For the debut, you'll get 90 minutes of rare and exclusive gins alongside some delicious locally crafted gin, plus a deep dive into the history of the stuff, and a martini making masterclass to finish. 

Details: Every Saturday | Roof East, Stratford Centre Broadway, E15 1XE | £20

Santa Monica at the SkyLounge 

Skylounge is theming their rooftop bar after Santa Monica. For those who haven't been to Santa Monica, that means:

1) Frozen, Champagne-filled margaritas by the jug

2) Fruit punch, Cali beers, and mimosas

3) Fish tacos, octopus skewers, churros with salted caramel, and more

4) The sun will allegedly come out

Details: Ends 6th October | SkyLounge, 7 Pepys St, EC3N 4AF

Candlelight Club

How to create a great popup bar - secret location? Check. Completely lit by candles? Check. 20s theme? Check. Live jazz bands? Check. Burlesque acts? Check. Bar bites like langoustine cocktail and raised game pie? Check

You? Check

Details: Various dates throughout October | A Secret Location | £20-£130

BIB is back

Box wine doesn't have an excellent reputation. Most wine producers thinking of making it tend to get nervous and bottle it. But not the ones at BIB, who're creating a natural wine taproom filled exclusively with low intervention wines, served from bag-in-box sustainable packaging. Glasses start at just £3, and there's even some sparkling. 

Details: 6pm, every Weds-Sat | Brunswick East Coffee, Gillett Street, Dalston N16 8JH 

Little Nan's Rio Bar

Little Nan is beginning to look immortal. 

The grandma-themed popup bar has gone from strength to strength, and has now reappeared in the secret vaults of the Dalston's Rio cinema, with a '90s party vibe, teapot cocktails, and free pic 'n' mix & popcorn. 

Long may she live. 

DetailsNow-Oct 21st, Weds-Sat 5pm-12am (2am on Fri/Sat) | The Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB | £39

Twilight Cocktail Cruise

Cocktail Cruises then: a movie character played by a future crazy person who learns how to juggle bottles at a TGI Fridays.

Cocktail Cruises now: a two-and-a-half hour jaunt down the river Lea filled with delicious & inventive mixed drinks, charcuterie boards, Neal's Yard cheeses, and hopefully more than a little sunshine...

...Unless you take one of their all-new Twilight Cruises. In which case, more than a little sunshine would be more than a little odd. 

DetailsThroughout October | £20-40

The Bat and Ball

There are a lot of pubs named The Bat and Ball.

This one however, has the distinction of actually having bats, balls… and ten table tennis tables to go with them. 

(And if that wasn't enough, it's also got pizzas from the Well St. Pizza Co, a large bar, and a banquet seating area. And they have 40+ craft beers. And it's popping up for an entire year in Stratford.)

Fancy a game?

Love one. 

Details: Now-2017 | Unit 1110/1111, Westfield Stratford, E20 1EJ 

Little Nan's Tropical Den

Please welcome, courtesy of the grandchildren who brought you Little Nan’s Bar and Little Nan’s House Party, after years of planning and preparation, the one, the only, Little Nan’s Cocktail Den.

It regards Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm-12am in a space that looks just like an exaggerated version of an exaggerated version of a stereotypical nan’s living room.

If she lived in the Caribbean.

DetailsVarious dates throughout October | A Secret Peckham Location


Main image: London Cocktail Week

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